Do you want to make a fast $100 per customer when you reffer someone to our website and purchase of our annual blue card? And get a recurrent aditional $100 profit year after year for the same customer that renew the annual membeship?
Imagine that you refer 100 people, then you will make $10,000 and an $10,000 additional each year!

How are the comissions paid?

You sell One Annual Membership Blue Card  You Earn   $100**
You sell One Lifetime Membership Gold Card You Earn  $1,000**

**The affiliate program only applies to purchases made at a regular price and does not apply to purchases made at a discount, such as those made with a discount code or similar promotions.

For the reseller packages your will get a flat comission of 25% for all packages.

Only click here and put your name and email address, and in the message space the phrase:  “I want to be an affiliate of your club“, and that is it!  You will get a response within 12 hours. We will send you a replica of this  website but with a different image and your first name before the main domain name, similar to this: This is the website where your customers will go to make the purchase. You will get paid every Monday at 12 noon via paypal for the paid sales from Tuesday to Sunday. Due to this being a membership card, no refunds are accepted, this is a good thing  since a paid sale means $100 guaranteed for you!  Start earning today.    CLICK NOW
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